The Coolest Power on Wheels

Power Trailer built by Pelsue in the early 1960’s

Power Trailer built by Pelsue in the early 1960’s

Standby Power Trailer

A Power Trailer Today

By Christian Miller
VP Sales / Pelsue Company

Over the years, technology has introduced us to an ever-improving plethora of tools, and the tools with the most muscle need power. The more tools, the more power. Unfortunately, most job sites are not conveniently located to any electrical outlets; thus, the need for portable power on wheels. The very first “Power Trailers” were referred to as “mobile electric plants” and were used to power tools, blowers, lights, and soldering irons. These trailers came equipped with some impressive muscle tools themselves such as heavy duty water pumps, air compressors, and traffic lights. The first Power Trailers were introduced by T. A. Pelsue, founder of the TA Pelsue Company in Englewood, Colorado.

Today, the Pelsue Company still manufactures these trailers in their Colorado plant, although they are considerably lighter and look quite a bit different with sleek fiberglass gel-coat bodies with gull-wing doors and aluminum frames. The bodies never need painting, and will not corrode or rust. They are built to their users specifications and typically produde 10kw, 13kw, and 15kw of power with the user’s choice of fuel; gasoline, deisel, or LPG. Some of the options you will find on these are heaters and blowers, hoses, traffic control lighting and beacons, water pumps, tool and dry air with retractable reels, jib crane, etc. All available space is smartly utilized with storage and brackest for additional tools and equipment. You will even find workers keeping cool while running their industrial strength air conditioner – which makes these trailers the “coolest” power on wheels.

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