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The IRISS Ecosystem: Protect Your Workers, Assets, and Operations

Electrical incidents happen daily, putting lives and operational continuity at risk. However, there are ways companies can reduce the occurrence of these incidents and protect everyone concerned from the physical, operational, and financial consequences. Those who are implementing the IRISS Ecosystem of products and services are reaping significant benefits in terms of efficiency gains, cost control, and incident prevention.

What Is the IRISS Ecosystem?

Originally a manufacturer of patented Infrared Inspection Windows, IRISS has continued to develop technologies that combine to form a full-scope approach to reliability. Each component plays a vital role, contributing to a safer, more educated workforce, and more efficient operations.

Online monitoring systems attach directly to electrical enclosures. Asset surveillance is a crucial part of maintaining electrical equipment and helps identify issues early to avoid system damage and downtime by monitoring power quality and partial discharge with permanently installed equipment and software. The data is wirelessly transmitted for analysis and to establish trends, putting equipment temperature changes in historical context to ease problem identification.

Infrared windows from IRISS are patented, polymer-based, effectively reducing downtime and risk while offering access to the points inside equipment parts require inspection and maintenance. Windows placed at targeted inspection points such as cable terminations or critical current-carrying components enable viewing in the visual, Ultraviolet, shortwave, mid-wave, and longwave IR spectrums - providing full access to connections without the significant risks associated with panel removal.

Ultrasonic ports are used to detect arcing and tracking problems in electrical distribution systems and switchgear. They provide a standard and systematic approach to collecting data essential to establishing repeatable CBM by providing a ventilated, standardized measurement point. Alternately, low cost ultrasonic sensors can be permanently mounted to electrical equipment allowing simple plug-in measurements with a handheld ultrasound detector. IRISS has innovated our Infrared Inspection Windows to include them as well. Now, visual, thermographic, and ultrasound inspections can be accomplished all at once.

Intelligent asset tags link maintenance instructions and equipment diagrams to simplify the inspection/maintenance process by providing technicians with the information they need when and where they need it. This invariably leads to safer working conditions and faster maintenance as the technician does not have to search around for documentations, or worse, perform service ad hoc. Asset tracking and equipment maintenance history trend analysis help a business better understand how and why systems are operating or failing.

Value of Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices

The main benefits of using IRISS products as an ecosystem is that they remove risk of incidents threatening the safety of workers and provide for a more efficient pathway to asset reliability. Because there is no panel removal required, inspections can be accomplished with less manpower, time, and lower Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) levels.

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