Thought Leadership Interviews

Thought Leadership Interview with Jay Smith and David Weszley of Seam Group

Jay Smith and David Weszely of Seam Group discuss how to optimize asset safety through electrical safety. (

As Director of Electrical Safety Services at SEAM Group, Jay Smith is the SME for Electrical Safety Services Division with a focus on assisting our clients and internal safety teams for arc flash assessments and lockout/tagout services. For the past 19 years at SEAM Group, he worked with thousands of clients to improve workplace safety and performance by implementing industry standards for electrical safety. Jay is known nationally for his expertise with arc flash and NFPA 70E and is annually invited to speak at numerous national conferences and corporate safety summits. You can find Jay featured in several publications, webinars, and articles on our website and he is always available to speak with you regarding electrical safety at your facility.

David Weszely is Electrical Safety Instructor and Course Material Developer for SEAM Group. He joined the company in 2012 as a corporate safety manager. Since then he has expanded his roles as the electrical safety training manger, electrical safety program developer and onsite electrical safety auditor. As a corporate safety manager, he was responsible for the safety and training of over 40 arc flash field technicians and engineers. Since 2012 he has developed over 100 custom electrical safety programs including Lithium battery and solar panel systems. He is the companies (SMR) subject matter expert on NFPA 70E issues, performing webinars on NFPA 70E related topics. David has taken on a new role in 2021 as electrical safety instructor and course material development. He is an Indiana State University graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in EHS and a minor in Mechanical Technology.