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MELTRIC Corporation

MELTRIC Corporation designs and builds quality industrial electrical connectors with the primary focus of ensuring electrical and user safety. Since 1982, MELTRIC has manufactured hundreds of thousands of electrical plugs and receptacles for North America that are used safely and without incident in diverse applications in almost every industry.

MELTRIC manufactures a full line of industrial plugs and receptacles, including a signature brand of UL-listed Switch-Rated devices with DECONTACTOR™ technology and push-button circuit disconnection. A MELTRIC DECONTACTOR™ is a specialized electrical connector with push-button circuit disconnection that combines the safety and functionality of a disconnect switch with the convenience of a plug and receptacle in one device. This technology allows Switch-Rated plugs and receptacles to be safely connected and disconnected under full load, up to 200 A and 100 hp, in wet or dry conditions.

Other safe and reliable industrial plugs and receptacles manufactured by MELTRIC include multipin, high amperage, single pole, and hazardous location devices. Additionally, MELTRIC uses its devices combined with third-party components to produce custom power distribution units, including portable rubber boxes, mobile or stationary multigang steel enclosures, dual voltage wall boxes, circuit-protected receptacles, and more. Request a free Switch-Rated plug and receptacle sample at

Improving Safety and Asset Performance for a Healthier Bottom Line

Did you know that an investment in safety performance is also an investment in operational performance? Research shows that best-in-class organizations rely on their safety systems to both prevent costly injuries and improve productivity. At SEAM Group, we have seen these results firsthand. Manufacturing facilities, distribution operations, retailers, hotels and hospitals, across the globe have leveraged our integrated approach to energized asset optimization to help save lives, prevent injury, and bolster the bottom line. From improvements in preventive failure finding and turnaround time – to up to a 40% reduction in asset downtime – our clients routinely demonstrate that safer organizations run better.