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Improving Safety and Asset Performance for a Healthier Bottom Line

Did you know that an investment in safety performance is also an investment in operational performance? Research shows that best-in-class organizations rely on their safety systems to both prevent costly injuries and improve productivity. At SEAM Group, we have seen these results firsthand. Manufacturing facilities, distribution operations, retailers, hotels and hospitals, across the globe have leveraged our integrated approach to energized asset optimization to help save lives, prevent injury, and bolster the bottom line. From improvements in preventive failure finding and turnaround time – to up to a 40% reduction in asset downtime – our clients routinely demonstrate that safer organizations run better.

Organizations understandably face multiple challenges in energized asset management. Even the most rigorous safety programs may lack effective hazard identification or critical risk protocols. Missing procedures or weak data analytics may thwart otherwise comprehensive reliability efforts. Further, maintenance teams may receive hundreds of well-intended corrective and preventive actions each week but minimal direction for prioritizing based on risk. Collectively, these challenges contribute to a disjointed and reactive approach to asset management that can increase the risk of worker injury, increase insurance costs, and prompt unplanned downtime and inefficient capital expenditure.

By building strategies to fully integrate asset safety, reliability, and maintenance efforts, organizations can begin to direct investments toward the most critical risks to human safety and operational performance and better position themselves for long-term growth.  At SEAM Group our integrated approach to energized asset optimization has helped organizations in all 50 states and more than 80 countries globally connect the dots between safety, reliability, and maintenance.

Our comprehensive services include consulting and training, inspection and assessment of energized assets, and asset installation and repair. All of our services are supported by certified professionals and powered by our ViewPoint platform for real-time visibility to asset status and program performance. With offices in North America, Europe, and Asia, we can help organizations across the globe identify gaps in asset management and implement solutions for long-term safety and performance outcomes.

To learn how SEAM Group can partner with you to optimize the safety and operational performance of your energized assets, contact us today.

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