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How to Specify Emergency Lighting For Your Facility

November 11, 2020

By Aaron Downes, Contributor Emergency lighting is one of the most important parts of your building’s life safety system. Yet, it is often the most overlooked. If it’s time for an emergency lighting retrofit in your building, this article will help bring you up to speed on the basics of today’s emergency lighting requirements. You…


Improving on the Original Westinghouse Iso-Phase Bus Design

March 27, 2019

Not only does the Westinghouse design live on, but iterative improvements to insulators, mountings and housings make this IPB design even more rugged and reliable. Isolated-phase bus (IPB) systems are the critical first link in the power transmission chain, as a highly reliable method of construction for moving bulk electrical power. Iso Phase Bus Duct…


MonoSystems Introduces Breakthrough J-hook Cable Support Extender

November 5, 2018

A leading manufacturer of wire management products in North America announces the introduction of their patented j-hook Cable Support Extender. The j-hook cable support extender was designed to provide a 12in long support platform, instead of the 2in j-hook support. The longer platform has been proven to reduce cable stress points, strain, sag and heat…


Milwaukee SDS-Plus Dust Trap Drilling Shroud

November 2, 2018

Adding to their collection of OSHA-compliant dust collection solutions, the Milwaukee SDS-Plus Dust Trap Drilling Shroud makes its debut. This one is simple and affordable When taking the Dust Trap out of the package, it will be in two pieces. Just twist the dust cap on clockwise to put them together. Be sure to grab…