Milwaukee SDS-Plus Dust Trap Drilling Shroud

Adding to their collection of OSHA-compliant dust collection solutions, the Milwaukee SDS-Plus Dust Trap Drilling Shroud makes its debut. This one is simple and affordable

When taking the Dust Trap out of the package, it will be in two pieces. Just twist the dust cap on clockwise to put them together. Be sure to grab hold of the fixed part of the cap base. Otherwise, the cap will spring out.

To install the Milwaukee Dust Trap, simply slide it over the SDS-Plus chuck – any brand – and secure it by running the rubberized strap through the handle to set it in place. Insert up to an 8in long bit and release the trap by pushing down and rotating counterclockwise.

It’s important to install the trap first before inserting the bit, so it doesn’t puncture the plastic wall. At the very least, keep it in its collapsed form if planning to slide it over the bit.

Milwaukee SDS-Plus Dust Trap Drilling Shroud

As one drills, the spring keeps the Dust Trap against the surface, trapping the concrete dust. It’s great for overhead applications since the dust falls to the bottom whether you’re using a dust extractor or not. You can certainly use it on the horizontal or floor drilling as well. You just need to be careful that how you empty doesn’t throw the dust back in the air. So no banging it against a trash can.

For the price, it retails at about 20 dollars. When working in concrete, that’s pretty much consumable level pricing. Since most have some concern about puncturing the side wall, it’s a bit easier to give it a shot with a lower price point. Swap out just the dust cap for about 10 dollars for a 5-pack, making replacement reasonable.

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