Understanding Nanotechnology for Arc Flash Protection

What exactly is nanotechnology?

This is the science of utilizing micro fine particles to enhance the properties of the bulk substance that they are combined with.

Is there any downside to nanoparticles?

In the processing of nanoparticles and when the particles are not incorporated into bulk base material, they can be a respiratory hazard.  Once incorporated into the plastic matrix of our face shields, there is no longer a respiration hazard.

What kinds of unique properties do nanoparticles have that make them useful in so many industries and products?

There are a myriad of properties based on different nanoparticles and the endless combinations.  In our application we are utilizing the nanoparticles to absorb energy from the arc flash and allow visible light to pass through the lens.

What kinds of products are being augmented with nanotechnology?

Everything from medical devices to window coatings are possible and research continues to develop more applications.

Paulson Manufacturing’s Face Shields are made using a proprietary nanoparticle formulation. What special features does this give them?

The special feature is the absorption of high energy radiation from an Arc Flash exposure.

How long was this innovation in development?

About 5 years of development.  We made multiple different designs and finally settled on the materials that are now in production.  We continue to work on improvements and expect to release new versions in 2023.

Does Paulson Manufacturing plan to expand its use of nanotechnology in its product lines?

Yes, we have adapted our nanoparticle technology to provide protection for welders lenses.

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