StaCool Vest™ in Safety Colors Keeps Workers Safe, Cool and Productive

The StaCool Vest™ Core Body Cooling System, now available in luminescent safety colors, is helping workers beat the summer heat, allowing Work Zone employees to stay safe, cool, and productive despite elevated ambient temperatures. Fully adjustable models are available in safety yellow, orange, and green to wear over normal clothing, providing all-day comfort with unrivaled mobility.  Under-vests are also available, to be worn under other clothing, so there is a StaCool Vest™ to suit any style, preference, and application. Easy to care for micro-thin, highly breathable materials provide wearers unsurpassed cooling comfort and mobility. ThermoPaks around vest provide hours of cooling; a spare set of ThermoPaks are included with each StaCool Vest™ to extend cooling time and comfort when the initial set thaws.  A thermal barrier is built in to ensure wearer does not get too cold.  Ideal for road crews, welders, utility workers, power plant employees, foundry workers, industrial/manufacturing employees, Surgeons, Hazmat, and military professionals, including those wearing level A protective clothing, fire departments, construction workers, landscapers and lawn crews, athletes, and anyone wanting to remain cool in hot conditions.

They can be purchased directly from StaCool Industries, or through national distributors, contact them for a distributor nearby.

Maintaining a consistent core body temperature is safer than exposing workers to possible heat related illnesses such as heat exhaustion or heat stroke and since wearers are cooler, they are considerably more productive.  Providing workers with cooling vests has proven to enhance employee satisfaction and retention.

StaCool Industries, Inc., has been manufacturing body core cooling technology since 1997.  Their proven StaCool Vest™ is ideal for industrial/commercial use as well as for individuals with Multiple Sclerosis or other conditions that cause susceptibility to heat.   Operating room surgeons and technicians rely on StaCool Vest™ technology to keep them comfortable during long and intense procedures.  The StaCool Vest™ is available in children’s sizes and all StaCool Vests ™ can be made in fire retardant material.  They are available from StaCool Industries, or through national distributors, contact them for a distributor near you. For additional information visit, or via e-mail, or call (866) 782-2665.

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