Portable Power


For nearly 105 years, Ericson has manufactured safe power and lighting products for the industry. In the early 1900’s, well before the use of grounded or even polarized connections, Ericson’s founder, Edward Oscar Ericson, recognized the need for safe electrical lighting product to prevent electrical hazards in the workplace. At this time, before battery powered flashlights, workers used corded handlamps (sometimes called drop lights or trouble lights) to light their workspaces. In response to the hazards of electrical shocks from handlamps, Ericson developed the first nonmetallic handlamp that significantly reduced electrical hazards to workers. Over the century to follow, Ericson has been instrumental in developing innovative safety products. From the insulated handlamp, Ericson set out to make the basic plug and connector safer, developing the first rubber, dead-front plug and connector. To further protect workers from shock and electrocution hazards, Ericson developed the first in-line GFCI cordsets. With over 100 patents for lighting and power products, Ericson has led the way building safe electrical products.

Ericson’s product line categories include Jobsite Power Product – portable transformation units and distribution centers, safely distributing, 480 or 600-volt incoming power, to usable 120v power for portable tools and lighting. Ericson’s Jobsite Lighting products extend from commercial grade string lights (first patented by Ericson in the late 1920’s) through explosion proof lighting for hazardous applications. Ericson’s Portable Power category offers the most extensive line of nema and pin and sleeve configurations in the industry along with factory assembled cordsets and GFCI solutions. Pendant Power and Control products round out the offering with a full suite of Cable Reels, Wire Mesh, Crane Control Pendants and Mini-Micro (Quick-Change) cordsets. Ericson is proud to manufacturer over 96% of its over 12,000 products in the USA and Canada, offering customers quick and reliable delivery options, in a world of supply constraints.