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Expanding Welding Helmet Safety Across Industries

August 25, 2017

Nine years ago, Miller Electric Mfg. Co. transformed the welding industry when its X-Mode welding shield feature debuted. Despite its popularity among welders, this extraordinary technology, which electromagnetically senses the weld to eliminate interference from light and continuously detects the arc even if sensors are blocked, has remained largely unknown in other industries. With Miller…


Defining the ‘right’ helmet and welding shield combination

February 24, 2017

3 considerations to guide your PPE selection by MSA – The Safety Company Sparks, spatter, flying debris, ultra-violet light. The risk of eye injury from welding is real. In fact, research suggests that one-quarter of all welding injuries are eye related, which is why personal protective equipment (PPE) is so important. For those using head…