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5 Square Telecommunications Boxes

April 24, 2017

Benefits and Related Cost Savings: The physical size, depth, volume, and cable management of the 5 Square Telecom Box provides for minimum bend radius requirements, per cable manufacturers, for today and tomorrow’s high speed copper and optical fiber cables. Proper designing of pathways and spaces insures cable and connecting hardware functionality. Historically, infringement of cable…


Fire Signal and Telecommunication Boxes

January 8, 2016

First there was 4 square… And now the REVOLUTIONARY 5 Square® Box! You’ve struggled with 4 Square boxes for years – you know how small, cramped and time consuming they are. Finally, there is a solution that allows you the space you have always needed. The 5 Square® Boxes (5″ x 5″ x 2-7/8″) provide…