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Cut your Load-break Interrupter switchgear costs by half

February 11, 2016

Why Pay DOUBLE for 5kV Load-Break Switchgear? ROMAC’s new UL-listed Mini-Rupter line of 200-amp, 5kV load-break interrupter switchgear is built for 200-amp fused lineups. Don’t pay for 600-amp gear you don’t need. First UL-listed load-break interrupter switchgear designed for loads up to 200 amps. Comes in single or two-high configurations. Smaller footprint than 600-amp load-break…


ROMAC Designs and Builds New UL Mini Switchgear

May 29, 2014

Commerce, CA May 14, 2014 – ROMAC’s brand, Power Controls, Incorporated (PCI), has designed and built a brand new breed of 5kv UL listed switchgear they are calling Mini Gear. PCI currently builds a mini-switch using a 200A, 5kv, Schneider HVL Mini-rupter switch into PCI’s own enclosure. They have now taken that mini switch, mounted…