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Brenco Tools

BRENCO Power Line Tools

March 21, 2018

Brenco’s 4 Drum Puller is ideal for a wide range of distribution stringing applications. The four drum pullers are equipped with 8000’ of ½ “rope each. The puller is powered by a 36 HP water cooled diesel providing 2000 lb. of pulling power. All the controls are conveniently located in the operator’s station. Equipped with:…


Unitrex XS Max Wear

November 17, 2016

Unitrex XS Max Wear is Uniline’s high tech cousin, which is a parallel cored rope of Honeywell’s Spectra, wrapped with a Neoprene tape and over braided with a tough jacket of high tenacity polyester. The result is a synthetic cable, somewhat stiffer than your usual rope, which is much like wire in its stretch characteristics.…