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Eagle Scout Honors Veterans Lighting Freedom Rock at Night with Solar

November 7, 2016

Recently SEPCO took part in supplying Eagle Scout David S. with solar lighting for a project he did for his local Eagle Scout troop in Greenfield Iowa. Out on Hwy 25 stands an old graffiti rock that artist Ray “Bubba” Sorensen began to paint yearly since 1999 on Memorial Day each year.  Sorensen paints the rock with…


New High-Power 100% Solar-Power Street And Area Lighting From SEPCO™

October 17, 2016

New Product Introduction: SolarLondon LED decorative solar lighting system — fully solar-powered completely energy-conserving, full cutoff outdoor pole-mounted lighting, in contemporary-classic early 20th Century acorn-style designs.  All models from SEPCO’s factory comprise integral solar-power assemblies and direct-mounting hardware, for attachment to a light pole. Product Design: SEPCO™, the Solar Electric Power Company, In-House Outdoor Lighting…


SolarASL LED: 
Self-Powered, Outdoor Site/Area/Security 
or Roadway Lighting

July 19, 2016

The SolarASL combines the efficiency of the Hubbell ASL fixture with the environmentally friendly SEPCO solar power system. Systems are perfect for parking lot, roadway and security lighting. The long lasting LED fixtures provide great cost effectiveness with the combination of low maintenance solar power assemblies. One SEPCO SolarASL replaces up to a 250-watt metal…


SEPCO™ Introduces SolarASL LED: 
Self-Powered, Outdoor Site/Area/Security 
or Roadway Lighting

March 28, 2016

New Product Introduction:  SEPCO’s solar power systems are used along Hubbell’s ASL fixture to create the SEPCO SolarASL – solar powered, pole mounted LED area, parking lot, security and roadway lights. SolarASL provides ultra-long-lasting, white light specifically where needed — and is 100% solar-powered, “off the grid,” self-storing and self-recharging, to boot!. Product Design: SEPCO,™ the…


New SolarViper LED Outdoor Area/Roadway Light From Sepco™ Creates And Stores Its Own Power

February 15, 2015

New Product Introduction:  SEPCO™ SolarViper — Solar-powered, pole-mounted LED area, parking lot, roadway and walkway lights. Units provide crisp white, ultra long-lasting light precisely where needed at motorist and pedestrian levels, without dependence on any electrical-utility grid system. SEPCO™ SolarViper is 100% solar powered at all times, “off the grid,” self-storing and self-recharging. Product Design: SEPCO™,…


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ST800: 800amp Service Tester
1. Test Integrity of Secondary Service
2. Identify Secondary Cables
3. Identify Feed In and Feed Out at Padmount
4. Identify Energized and De-Energized Cables