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Ember LED: Bringing You Solar Led Lighting Solutions For Every Application

November 28, 2016

If you are looking for solar lighting systems for your next project, look no further. Ember LED, in partnership with Valen Light, is the only vertically integrated solar LED lighting company on the market. Our specialized solar systems are custom designed to fit any location and run for as long and as strong as necessary,…


New High-Power 100% Solar-Power Street And Area Lighting From SEPCO™

October 17, 2016

New Product Introduction: SolarLondon LED decorative solar lighting system — fully solar-powered completely energy-conserving, full cutoff outdoor pole-mounted lighting, in contemporary-classic early 20th Century acorn-style designs.  All models from SEPCO’s factory comprise integral solar-power assemblies and direct-mounting hardware, for attachment to a light pole. Product Design: SEPCO™, the Solar Electric Power Company, In-House Outdoor Lighting…


SEPCO Debuts SolarPierwalk LED: Contemporary Teardrop-Design Outdoor Fixtures Provide White Light Totally Off Grid

August 16, 2016

New Product Introduction: Working in an arrangement with Beacon Products, longtime outdoor design-lighting specialist, SEPCO has made Beacon’s Pierwalk into an optimally available solar-power outdoor system, SolarPierwalk LED. It is a 100% solar-powered, pole-mounted LED area, roadway, parking lot, walkway and perimeter light.  SolarPierwalk LED provides ultra long-lasting, white light specifically where needed and completely…


SolarASL LED: 
Self-Powered, Outdoor Site/Area/Security 
or Roadway Lighting

July 19, 2016

The SolarASL combines the efficiency of the Hubbell ASL fixture with the environmentally friendly SEPCO solar power system. Systems are perfect for parking lot, roadway and security lighting. The long lasting LED fixtures provide great cost effectiveness with the combination of low maintenance solar power assemblies. One SEPCO SolarASL replaces up to a 250-watt metal…


SEPCO™ Introduces SolarALF and 
SolarARF Outdoor LED Luminaires: 100% Off-Grid Solar-Powered Sign, Billboard, Monument, Statue, and Smaller-Area LED Flood Lighting

June 28, 2016

New Product Introduction:  Working in an arrangement with Hubbell Outdoor Lighting, SEPCO has customized Hubbell’s ALF and ARF luminaires by adding its solar power system to each, creating SolarALF and SolarARF LED Luminaires — 100% off-grid, self-generating, solar-powered above-ground sign and small-area flood lights. SolarALF and SolarARF provide long-term economy, low-maintenance and are solar-powered at all…


SolarUrban Newest 100% Solar-Powered LED Street And Area Lighting From SEPCO™

May 31, 2016

New Product Introduction:  SolarUrban LED — solar powered completely energy-conserving, full cutoff LED outdoor pole-mounted lights in contemporary-classic early 20th Century designs. All models are furnished from SEPCO’s factory with complete, simple solar-power assemblies and mounting hardware, for attachment to each light pole. Product Design: SEPCO™, Solar Electric Power Company, In-House Outdoor Lighting Product Development and…


SEPCO™ Introduces SolarASL LED: 
Self-Powered, Outdoor Site/Area/Security 
or Roadway Lighting

March 28, 2016

New Product Introduction:  SEPCO’s solar power systems are used along Hubbell’s ASL fixture to create the SEPCO SolarASL – solar powered, pole mounted LED area, parking lot, security and roadway lights. SolarASL provides ultra-long-lasting, white light specifically where needed — and is 100% solar-powered, “off the grid,” self-storing and self-recharging, to boot!. Product Design: SEPCO,™ the…


SEPCO™ Introduces SolarAlpha: 100% Off-Grid Solar-Powered Floodlights 
Generate, Store Own Power

February 23, 2016

New Product Introduction:  SEPCO™ SolarAlpha LED — self storing, generating solar-powered pole- and wall-mount LED flood lighting Units provide crisp white, ultra long-lasting light, precisely where it is needed. SolarAlpha LED is solar powered at all times, with a minimum five-night reserve. Completely off grid, automatically self-storing, self-recharging. Product Design: SEPCO™ Solar Electric Power Company in-house…


Brother Mobile's Booth at NECA 2015

Compact LED Flood Lights Provide Large-­Scale Illumination for Landscape/Industrial Applications

January 26, 2016

Super Bright LEDs—A leading online retailer for high­-quality LED lights—is excited to announce the addition of six new LED flood lights to their extensive Compact Series product line. The sleek flood lights can be used for many landscape and industrial applications, including parking lot lighting, billboard lighting, tree uplighting, flagpole lighting, and architectural wall washing.…


Pelco Products, Inc. Announces Launch of Expanded Lighting Products

December 17, 2015

The lighting industry has changed significantly with the advent of LED technology. With that, Pelco saw the need to enhance and improve its entire line of lighting products to perfect existing models and add new ones. “Pelco has manufactured and carried lighting products for many years. The reliability and popularity of LED luminaires is allowing…