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Lockout/Tagout Sample Sequence Infographic

May 16, 2019

Year after year citations for LO/TO failure continue to make the top 10 list of OSHA violations. Ranking at No. 5, LO/TO citations increased in 2018 by 2 percent, with 2,944 violations. The essence of lockout/tagout (LO/TO) is turning off equipment, disconnecting its power supply, and locking the power supply in its disconnected state until…


Hercules Lockout/Tagout

May 4, 2016

Lockout/Tagout Prevents accidents. Lockout/Tagout Saves lives. Lockout/Tagout It’s the law! Locking out equipment during maintenance and change-over has not only prevented accidents, but also saved lives. Lockout/Tagout is the law.  If you have not started a Lockout/Tagout program yet, start one today.  If you already have a Lockout/Tagout program, see what we have to offer.…


Are you tired of paying for Lockout/Tagout Training? Is it even required?

March 24, 2016

Never pay for Lockout/Tagout Training again! We at LearnLab have an affordable one time solution for meeting your LOTO training needs… forever! First of all, let us answer the question that brought you here. Yes, Lockout/Tagout Training is required. Not only is it required to train all new employees but employees must be retrained every…