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MIC-10s1 10kV Class Insulation Tester

March 22, 2017

The MIC-10s1 is a portable, rugged, easy-to-use, 10kV class insulation test meter.  The MIC-10s1 has a wide measurement range, selectable test voltages, and excellent safety features. Performance and Features: User-selectable test voltage any from 50 V to 1,000 V (with 10 V resolution) and 1,000 V to 10,000 V (with 25 V resolution) Continuous indication of measured…


Rent Megger MIT400 Series Insulation and Continuity Testers from Protec

April 27, 2016

Protec Equipment Resources is proud to announce the addition of Megger MIT400 series of insulation and continuity testers to our inventory of electrical test equipment. These instruments offer those working in electrical engineering, the electrical supply industry and in maintenance, repair and servicing of industrial equipment and manufacturing processes a convenient and reliable tester. Safety…


We Offer You the Highest Hand

April 25, 2016

With the Lastest 1kV Insulation Testers from Megger Nothing beats our Megger MIT400/2 Series. Some of the features include: Stabilized insulation test voltages Single range, faster continuity testing from 0.01 Ω to 1M Ω Adjustable insulation test voltage from 100 V to 1000 V Rechargeable options for mains and car battery Designed for the electrical…