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Spot Heating Solutions – Keeping Cozy in Every Space

December 9, 2016

By: Andrew Martin, Product Manager, Marley Engineered Products and Dennis Krob, Product Manager, Marley Engineered Products When you’re looking to heat one area of a building or home with cold spots, consider spot heating options. Cold spots that need heat include areas that may not have been included when the HVAC system was installed, such…


Marley Engineered Products Turned Electric Heating into an Artform

October 25, 2015

Football season is here and the cooler weather will soon follow. Marley Engineered Products® provides comfort solutions with our infrared heat products for a variety of applications. To learn more about the benefits of infrared and the many different applications for it – perhaps somewhere you’ve never even considered. What is infrared heat? Infrared, a…