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thermOweld The Contractors Choice


July 30, 2015

thermOweld® is a global leader in grounding products and services since 1958. Whether it’s our exothermic expertise, the complete grounding product lines we offer, or our UL lightning protection, we have the speed and quality you need with the product customization you desire. thermOweld® has the capabilities to custom design the grounding solutions you need…


EZ Lite Remote® Electric Ignition SystemAdd Some Versatility to your Job Site

April 24, 2015

Critical jobs require the versatility of thermOweld®’s EZ Lite Remote® System so you can finish without delays. Our remote system is the only system that gives you 2 ignition options so you can finish your job on time.  Use your Flint Ignitor or the EZ Lite Remote® and never be stuck out on the job! …