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Quality of Materials, Pattern & Craftsmanship

December 13, 2018

Leather Protectors, worn over rubber insulating gloves, have seen little design change since their OSHA-mandated use that started in the 1950’s. Most producers of leather protectors use the same working glove pattern invented in the 1870’s. Youngstown’s Leather Protectors have taken an entirely new approach by creating an ergonomic glove pattern that fits perfectly over…


Why The Power Gripz Are Superior

February 6, 2017

At The Power Gripz we aim to develop quality products using the best raw materials available. We always offer superior products and exceptional customer service throughout all points of the customer service experience. Why Were The Power Gripz Developed? Linemen, who must wear both rubber and leather gloves most every day, have found that leather…


Thinsulate® Lined Work Gloves

April 28, 2016

Designed by Linemen, for Linemen. 100% compliant, meets and exceeds all ASTM F-696 leather protector glove standards The Power Gripz are the only gloves tested and proven to be superior for grip, arc protection and all-weather dexterity. Cold-weather work doesn’t have to be bone-chilling when you’ve got PowerGripz dexterity and the warm comfort of Thinsulate®…