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Crane Industry Services, LLC Adds Course to Help Employers with Crane Operator Evaluations

February 20, 2019

Crane Industry Services, LLC (CIS), Carrollton, Ga., now offers training for employers who need to qualify individuals to do crane operator evaluations, according to new OSHA requirements. In addition, CIS staff can provide third-party crane operator evaluations to assist companies who need extra help getting these done. During the first 60 days of enforcement (until…


New 7,800 lb HT45KX Hydraulic Service Crane

February 4, 2019

Venco Venturo® Industries has introduced the all new Venturo HT45KX full-hydraulic service crane. This crane features a maximum lifting capacity of 7,800 lbs and up to 25 ft of boom reach. This new crane was developed with a lighter-weight, hexagonal boom structure and crane housing which gives service truck operators more crane with a lighter…


New Variation of the ET12KX Electric Crane

February 1, 2019

Venco Venturo® Industries has introduced a new variation of one of its most popular cranes. The ET12KX-P is now a 3,500 lb electric-hydraulic service crane with a fully-powered boom extension up to 16 ft. This crane was developed with the operator in mind, giving them a fully-powered crane without the need for manual boom extension…


Venco Venturo Opens Factory Installation Center

March 1, 2017

CINCINNATI, Ohio (January 20, 2017) –Venco Venturo Industries, LLC. has opened the Venturo Installation Center (VIC) at its manufacturing facility in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The plant, which manufactures Venturo truck cranes and Venco dump hoists, will include a skilled team of mechanics to immediately start up-fitting all of the company’s products, including Venturo crane and service…


Selecting The Correct Venturo Crane

January 5, 2017

Three Steps to Help Determine What Venturo Crane Best Fits a Given Situation: Determine What Size of Crane is Needed based on Foot Pound Rating required. Foot Pound Rating — based on Foot Pound Rating required. To find out what the foot pound rating should be —find out the weight of the max load that…


Venturo Van Crane

March 17, 2016

The Venturo Van crane utilizes a unique dual floor and ceiling mounted mast that integrates with the van structure itself to ensure maximum structural integrity.  The horizontally articulated boom uses roller bearings that allow the operator to guide the load easily in and out of the van.  A unique rotation control feature utilizes a hand…