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AIHA Issues Latest Science-Based COVID-19 Back to Work Safely Guidelines to Address Employers Concerns

July 28, 2021

Updates address aerosol transmission of COVID-19, mask wearing and vaccinations AIHA, the association for scientists and professionals committed to preserving and ensuring occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) in the workplace and community, is pleased to announce revisions to its complete library of its Back to Work Safely (BTWS) guidelines. The new edition includes…


SSI Helps Customers Keep Workplace Safe with COVID-19 Decals

June 30, 2020

Superior Signals, Inc. (SSI), is helping fight the spread of COVID-19 with a new line of social distancing decals. The series features a selection of five decals, encouraging safe social distancing and the wearing of appropriate safety gear. Extremely durable and highly visible, these decals can withstand the wear and tear of daily use and…


The Giving Spirit is Alive and Well at TVH

April 16, 2020

TVH in the Americas (TVH), a leading provider of quality replacement parts and accessories for the material handling and industrial equipment industries, is dedicated to supporting our employees during this challenging time. Now, more than ever, it’s important to support each other and come together as one. With that in mind, we gave our employees…


Lind Equipment Joins The Fight Against COVID-19 With an UV-C LED Lighting Solution

April 8, 2020

Lind Equipment, an LED lighting company, joins the fight against COVID-19 by creating a brand-new product with UV-C LED lights specifically for the healthcare industry. Healthcare professionals can use UV-C light to decontaminate personal protective equipment (PPE) and to decontaminate high traffic areas such as: hospital rooms, ambulances and more. PPE gear (specifically N95 masks)…