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CONDUIT RAT™ The Quick Conduit Solution

February 22, 2017

A new tool that will forever change the way electricians work with PVC or metal conduit! Designed to move inside of any conduit without snagging or getting hung up, the CONDUIT RAT™ will help you push fish tape through any type of conduit. The CONDUIT RAT™ will bring many advantages to your electrical and construction…


Aluminum Conduit | Lighter Weight. Faster Installation. Better Value

September 14, 2016

Aluminum conduit from American Conduit by Sapa offers a more cost effective option for metal conduit needs. Light weight aluminum conduit installs faster, and with less effort than traditional steel conduit. Aluminum is non-magnetic, non-corrosive, and forms a natural protective oxidation layer for long term good looks and material protection. Choose from rigid metal conduit…


QwikDuct HDPE Custom Templates

August 3, 2015

SP Product’s QwikDuct Templates allow safer, better & faster installations. Safer: No workers in trench. Better: Dig a narrower trench. Less excavation, shoring; concrete, & backfill. Faster: Quickly assemble conduit above and lower long lengths into trench 15 times faster! Available in 3/8” to 3/4” thick 4,000 lbs. PSI, black recycled high density polyethylene. Any size, shape,…