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Battery Testers from Megger Measure Impedance Values and DC Voltage to 7,000 Ah

February 9, 2016

The BITE2 and BITE2P take measurements within three seconds Megger now offers two battery impedance testers that have enough available current to measure impedance values and DC voltage up to 7,000 Ah. The BITE2 and BITE2P take measurements within three seconds. Designed for use on valve regulated lead acid (VLRA) batteries, large flooded vented lead…



Battery Impedance Tester from Megger Measures Impedance Up to 2,000 Ah

February 2, 2016

BITE3 is easy-to-use, reliable Megger now offers a battery impedance tester that gauges the health of lead-acid cells up to 2,000 Ah. The BITE3 measures cell impedance, cell voltage, intercell connection resistance as well as both float and ripple current. An internal ohmic test can also be performed using this device. The BITE 3 can…