Work Breakdown Structure: Managing an Efficient Construction Workflow

Meet your Project Management challenges head on by implementing a WBS:

There are three main obstacles that cause contractors to fall short of achieving an efficient, consistent work flow process between the stages of estimating and project management:

Estimators have the pressure of time limitations for producing an estimate. Contractors are traditionally awarded only two out of ten projects they bid. Taking this into account, time spent estimating a project can be cost prohibitive. Consequently, many contractors will develop a WBS once a project bid has been awarded.

Investment in hardware and software, plus the time it takes to fully implement and utilize the technology. Estimating and project management software specific to the electrical and low voltage industries can be a very effective in the development and execution of a WBS.

Educating and training office to field personnel on the importance of fully understanding the process of developing and adhering to a WBS. The objective of a WBS is to mitigate risk and maximize profits. The training time as well, including buy in from everyone on the project team is critical to the success of the process and the objective.

An accurate WBS, if created at the pre-construction stage, can be used to extract measurable information. This creates better estimates with more effective collaboration with project management, accounting, general contractors and end users to consistently produce successful projects and higher profits.


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Work Breakdown Structure
Managing an Efficient Construction Workflow
An effective operational process is accomplished through an efficient work flow beginning at pre-construction through the completed construction phase of a project


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