The Right Transformer

Pacific Crest TransformerAt Pacific Crest Transformers, we don’t mass produce transformers, we custom-craft each one for the best possible outcome.  We team up with you from the start to design and engineer the RIGHT transformer to suit your needs at a competitive price. No matter the conditions or the size of the job, our transformers out-perform our competition every time.

Choose the Right Transformer and let our 90 years of experience go to work for you.

The PCT Advantage

Pacific Crest Transformers is an engineering-driven company. Each and every product has been designed and manufactured to meet the duty requirements of your application. From general distribution to skid-mounted mining, auxiliary power to dedicated A-T-L motor-starting, and from interior installation to off-shore platform, your transformer is designed to perform in the job required and in the environment it will experience. PCT has, in its factory arsenal, a wide variety of design solutions to meet most any requirement and the knowledge and experience to pull it all together.

The Factory

PacificCrest-56-300x200Pacific Crest has been manufacturing continuously in it current location for over 44 years. Our current factory is a clean, modern, ISO Certified facility, opened in 1994.  Over 120,000 square feet encompassing all essential functions of today’s transformer manufacturing from core cutting, coil winding, metal fabrication and a full ANSI factory test lab.

The People

With an average length of employment at over 10 yrs., with the management averaging 28+ years, the entire staff of PCT is made up of dedicated and experienced workers. Part of our record of longevity can be attributed to our company’s focus on job place safety and our company-wide involvement in continual process improvement.

Coil Construction

Pacific Crest offers a variety of coil types, including disk, circular layer and rectangular layer, utilized to meet the requirements of each individual application. Be it the physical stresses of a dedicated motor, the electrical stresses of a cyclical over-voltage periods and the chronic vibration of skidded mine duty. When the application requires, PCT’s proprietary, laminar cooling design will be employed, containing axial and radial forces while promoting rapid heat mitigation with unimpeded laminar flow through and around the coils.


Again, PCT has a number of core configurations to work with in order to meet duty requirements and dimensional limitations your project may need. Using high quality, US-sourced electrical steel, PCT fabricates lamination’s and stacks them to form the engineer’s design. Shell form, single-step stacked and mitered, and cruciform are among the construction types we use. The core is housed in a custom-designed and built, heavy-gauge core frame to provide maximum force containment.


Pacific Crest features a double-bay testing lab with state-of-the-art test equipment. PCT offers full-ANSI/IEEE factory tests and key optional tests, such as Doble Partial Discharge, Sweep Frequency Response Analysis, ANSI Impulse (to 450kV BIL), Audible Sound and Temperature Rise. Witnessing of testing is available.

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