The Contractors Guide: Easy Smart Home Updates

The integration of technology into the home has been going on for decades, but thanks to the increase in connected devices, from thermostats to door locks to smart switches, it’s kicked into high gear in the last year. Consumers are constantly looking for products to help them stay connected, organized and streamline their daily lives. When working with a client, staying up-to-date with the latest smart home technology helps contractors and builders make educated decisions on what works best for the homeowner and their needs.

Below, I’ve included insights from contractor and HGTV star Chip Wade highlighting easy smart home updates for contractors to consider:

Outsmarting Smart Technology

Chip recommends taking the time to educate yourself on the benefits of smart home products, noting “the modern client has an elevated awareness of available technologies for the home, but typically lacks the full understanding or confidence to select and incorporate on their own. They look to us as contractors and specifiers to be that voice of knowledge and forethought. “ Clients will also have different wants, often depending on what their level of understanding might be and how much their home is able to adapt. Offering a breadth of general knowledge helps to demystify the process and aid the consumer in finding out exactly what they need.

Where to Begin

Depending on what the homeowner might be looking for, there are several products that contractors can offer that provide upgrades and assistance to the home. Chip suggests the radiant smart lighting collection as an easy introduction and upgrade into the smart home category. The collection provides the ability to control lights and set scenes and schedules from any smart device at an affordable point. For clients more well-versed in the tech space, he recommends the Kohler Moxie Showerhead, which pairs seamlessly with a smart device to play podcasts, music or anything in between.

Staying connected

Transparency and safety are key when working on a large scale renovation. Beyond suggesting it to the consumer, contractors can also use several products like smart locks and security on the job site to increase safety. Chip also likes to set up a wireless smart camera at every job so that owners can follow along in the project, even if they are not located nearby.

Technology will only continue to advance in the coming years, incorporating products into jobs helps contractors and builders be one step ahead.

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