Seeking Arc Flash Stories

We’d like to hear about arc flash events where people were saved from injury or more severe injury by PPE, as well as incidents which resulted in less desirable outcomes due to lack of PPE, inadequate PPE, or improperly worn PPE. If you’re able to share names that’s ideal, but if it’s simply not possible comments like “Mr. X was in his mid -30s, with 12 years’ experience” instead of a person’s name and “at a mid-sized electrical contractor in the northeast” instead of a company name will work. We’d like to encourage a culture where we celebrate saves and learn collectively; where people and companies are applauded for the things they do right and share learnings to reduce bad outcomes in the future. PES absolutely will not share any stories without permission, and will not reveal names of people, companies or specific locations without express written permission. We’ll use these stories for educational purposes only, to help industry understand the magnitude of the problem and the successes in addressing it. Submitters who specifically choose to do so will have their stories featured on the PES website; we’ll confirm your intent before posting. You can submit at or on the website (scroll to the bottom right “Contact us” section).

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