Morris Introduces first Universal Voltage LED Lighting Family

MORRIS is introducing the first universal voltage and high wattage driverless LED lighting family in the lighting industry. See inside lead-in page 4 and pages 48-50; 69-70 & pgs 63 & 82 for details.

This breakthrough technology eliminates the traditional LED driver and uses PCB mounted, long life, solid state light engine components to eliminate the transformer and capacitor; resulting in life expectancy from 2X to 10X the life of a traditional LED fixture. Comparisons of TM-21 calculations at a range of ambient operating temperatures project life expectancies of:

44+ years at 25oC – 3X the life of a traditional LED fixture
38+ years at 40oC – 5X the life of a traditional LED fixture
21+ years at 55oC – 10X the life of a traditional LED fixture

Intensive ACID testing proved normal operation of the Driverless Technology from -40oC (-40oF ) to +90oC (190oF) in extended life cycle testing. The fixtures were run for more than 1,000 hours at 190oF where a normal LED fixture might last for a couple of days at that temperature before the capacitor dries up and the driver fails.


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