Lockout/Tagout Sample Sequence Infographic

Year after year citations for LO/TO failure continue to make the top 10 list of OSHA violations. Ranking at No. 5, LO/TO citations increased in 2018 by 2 percent, with 2,944 violations. The essence of lockout/tagout (LO/TO) is turning off equipment, disconnecting its power supply, and locking the power supply in its disconnected state until maintenance work is done. However, this only scratches the surface; making lockout/tagout work involves creating a lockout/tagout program for your facility. LO/TO can be a difficult procedure especially when a job or facility has large manufacturing equipment. Workplaces and workers can prevent life-altering accidents with LO/TO products. This infographic provides an excellent visual example of the standard.

lockout tagout

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