From Rags to Riches…

Autac's Artie ShawA Tail of a Dog Who’s Joined the Royal Cord

In June of 2016 our CEO, Marie-Louise Burkle attended a pet adoption event here in Connecticut. In the last row, 2nd to last cage was a skinny, parasite riddled puppy with a big smile and beautiful brown eyes. It was love at first sight! But when she heard his story she knew this dog was coming home with her to be AUTAC’s next mascot.

As a mere 3 month old baby Artie Shaw (then known as Homer) was found on the streets of Texas. He had somehow survived the massive floods that had hit the area. No one knows for sure how long he was alone on the streets. He was rescued and placed into a shelter where he spent the next 3 months struggling to survive from several parasites he had picked up, not growing, not gaining weight. In June he, along with hundreds of other dogs and cats, was placed on a transport truck which brought him to Connecticut for one last shot at finding a home. Only one day after arriving Artie Shaw was transported again to a large adoption event. On the last day of the event with only 3 hours until its end Marie-Louise and Artie Shaw saw each other across a crowded room and history was put into the making.

Now Artie Shaw lives on a farm with 2 other dogs, 2 horses, 1 goat and 1 cat (who isn’t very fond of the jubilant puppy). By day he serves as the smiling face of AUTAC Inc. In the evenings and on weekends he spends his time chasing birds and butterflies, stealing shoes to snack on and dragging every blanket and throw in the house out into the yard. He attended Puppy 2 (yep skipped straight to 2nd grade) at Petco and graduated with honors. In November Artie will begin training as a therapy dog so he can bring his smiling face to hospitals and nursing homes to bring cheer to those in need.

Artie Shaw is sure to have many adventures the beginning of which is his modeling debut on this month’s cover of Electrical Solutions. We hope his story inspires all of you to consider rescuing a dog, cat or other animal to extend your family.

Autac's Artie Shaw Autac's Artie Shaw Autac's Artie Shaw
*Photos of Artie Shaw taken by In Stride Equine Photography

AUTAC Inc will be giving donations to the Daniel Cosgrove Animal Shelter this Holiday Season. Listed below are some of the items the Shelter needs. Ava and Artie appreciate your generosity to these dogs and cats (and rabbits, guinea pigs, birds) who are still waiting for their forever home!!!

Some of the items we would appreciate receiving include:

General items
• High efficiency laundry detergent
• Baking soda bleach
• Garbage bags (large 40 gallon)
• Paper towels

Cat Items
• Clay cat litter (we cannot use scoopable)
• Canned kitten food
• String toys
• Mice toys
• Sensitive stomach dry cat food/ Weight management dry food

Dog Items
• Rawhide chew bones
• Pig’s ears
• Dog toys (Jolly Ball, Dice Food Toy)
• Large bags of dry dog food for dogs with sensitive stomachs (rice and oatmeal mixtures

Additional Items
• Digital camera
• Soccer balls, basketballs, footballs for dog play
• Screaming babydoll/Furreal Pet (to temper test dogs)
• Large dog beds

AutacAutac, Inc.
25 Thompson Road
Branford, CT 06405
Phone: 203.481.3444
Toll-free: 800.243.3161

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