Costly Repairs Lighting Your Way?

Time to Switch to LED Lighting

Are you tired of repairing your current street lighting system?  Maybe it’s time to upgrade your HID system to LED technology.  It’s easier than you think.


LED (light emitting diode) luminaires have a longer life, with 70,000 hours and up to 100,000 or more, while the HID (high intensity discharge) lamps must be replaced generally between 16,000 to 24,000 hours.  Replacing HID lamps usually require replacing the ballast as well, yet the major cost is that of a utility crew with a bucket truck.  The cost of a crew could be as high as $300 to $500 to change out the HID lamp and ballast for each luminaire.  We often forget the inconvenience and cost of closing down the roadway.  Changing HID lamps could be three to five times during the lifetime of one LED luminaire. Is the cost worth the time and money?


The HID lamp is very unstable during its life.  HID lamps begin to immediately lose its brightness and lose up to 50 percent in the first 8,000 to 15,000 hours of its life.  The wattage does not decrease, just the light level.  While the HID brightness dims, you still pay the same amount for the energy producing half the light.   Overtime, LEDs will lose brightness, but at a much slower rate.  At 70,000 hours of the LED life the light out is maintained at 70 percent of the original light output.  The life of the LED is calculated at 70 percent of its light out.


With the current LED technology, LEDs last much longer than HID lamps.  An LED luminaire burning 12 hours a day may last up to 15 to 25 years while the HID luminaire will require a new lamp every 5 to 7 years.


In considering the short-term cost of LED versus HID, the initial cost of the LED luminaire will be higher than that of the HID.  However, in considering the long term cost of the HID with all the expenses of three to five lamp and ballast changes during the life to the LED, you quickly see the savings of LED is not just the 45 percent in energy savings.

Yes, the short-term cost of the kit is higher than a replacement lamp and ballast, but considering the long-term cost of HID maintenance, should outweigh the difference.


LED retrofit kits are now available to upgrade existing decorative and other HID luminaires.  Many retrofit kits offer quality and energy savings.  When all is said and done, it makes economical as well as green sense to switch to LED for your lighting.

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