Construction Innovations LLC Receives International NOVA Award For Bolt Star® Reusable Bolt Template

Construction Innovation Forum (CIF)Construction Innovations LLC announced today that it has been awarded the prestigious 2015 NOVA Award from the Construction Innovation Forum (CIF), for its innovative BOLT STAR product, The 2015 winners were announced November 10th at the Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) Awards of Excellence Gala in Houston, Texas. Based in Cincinnati, CURT represents more than 100 of the nation’s top construction purchasers, the majority of which are Fortune 500 companies.

BOLT STAR was designed to replace the antiquated method of constructing light pole foundations involving building wood “templates” to hold anchor bolts in place during the concrete pour of a round pole base foundation. These structural bases are commonly specified for parking lot and outdoor area lighting, street lighting, tennis courts, signs, flag poles and security camera poles. Contractors typically fabricate a wood template for each and every pole base foundation, then discard it after the pour. BOLT STAR is reusable a dozen times or more when properly cared for, representing a significant cost savings over wood templates. The reusability aspect of the innovation also yields a more sustainable solution, given that wood templates often end up in landfills as construction waste after a single use. Moreover, BOLT STAR is 57% more efficient, eliminating the measuring, cutting and drilling of holes required to build each wood template.

“We feel privileged to recognize Bolt Star and the exceptional team at Construction Innovations LLC who developed this highly innovative method of light pole construction,” says Rasha Stino, Chair of the 2015 NOVA Awards and Vice Chair of the Construction Innovation Forum.

“The NOVA Awards honor top innovations in construction from around the world. NOVA Awards are hard-won, and the judging process is rigorous. Our NOVA winners make significant contributions to safety, efficiency, quality and environmental stewardship.”

Formed in 1987, the Construction Innovation Forum (CIF) is an international, non-profit organization that encourages and recognizes construction innovations. In 1989, CIF created the NOVA Award to recognize and advance innovation in all areas of the construction industry around the world. A team of investigators, composed of leading engineers and architects, researches the nominated innovations. A jury of internationally recognized experts reviews the nominations and investigators’ reports, meeting twice to select finalists and winners. To date, 796 nominations for the NOVA Award have been received from more than 20 countries. Worldwide, 111 innovations from more than 10 countries have received the coveted award.

“Our company is rich with people dedicated to innovation in the construction industry. The NOVA Award is very prestigious industry recognition, and it is indeed an honor to accept the NOVA Award on behalf of our inventors,” says Ken Gregory, President of Construction Innovations. “BOLT STAR is not only an innovative solution to an age-old construction process fraught with problems, it represents a real game changer, a paradigm shift if you will. Contractors are happily abandoning the wood template construction process for one that is 57% more efficient, reliably delivers consistent quality at lower cost, and reduces construction waste.” BOLT STAR is made in the USA and is available in 18-inch and 24-inch sizes. Versions to fit larger 30-inch and 36-inch diameter bases common in roadway lighting and traffic signals are currently under development.

About Construction Innovations
Construction Innovations LLC is dedicated to improving the construction industry through the creation of innovative products, tools, methods and services. Through its manufacturing division, the company designs and manufactures tools for the construction of poles and pole bases. These tools are then distributed to contractors through Graybar, HD Supply/White Cap, and a nationwide network of independent electric supply, construction supply and concrete supply distributors. The company also provides a complete line of specialized services to construction companies focused on increasing efficiency, including manufacturing and kitting services for electrical and low voltage systems, BIM coordination and construction layout services, and Lean manufacturing consulting services.

For more information, contact Ken Gregory at 1-855-725-9555 or visit

Bolt Star ConnstrutionInnovations

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