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IPEXJunction boxes are an often overlooked yet critical component in an electrical wiring system.  Their main purpose is as an enclosure used to contain wiring junctions, intersections, or points along a raceway where access is required (e.g. pulling in cable). In secondary applications, junction boxes are used to contain custom electronics, push buttons, and display panels where protection from harsh (eg. wet) environments is required.  PVC junction boxes have seen little product innovation over the past few decades; you could even say they’ve “stood the test of time”.  We felt it was time to take an existing product and revolutionize it. The result is the Scepter® JBox™, the next generation junction box.

The Design Challenge

Our goal was to develop a product that would address the annoyances and concerns of electrical contractors, maintain all of the performance requirements of existing junction boxes and incorporate new user friendly features.  We met with electrical contractors from across the nation asking them about junction boxes – their likes and their dislikes, where and how junction boxes were used and what could be improved. By doing this we learned a lot about what was important to contractors installing junction boxes in the field.

At the same time, we worked with our R&D center to develop a proprietary gasket formulation that would work with our new technology and deliver a seal that met the highest NEMA rating possible.

Another key design feature that we considered was how to create a completely non-metallic fastening system. Dealing with loose screws added a lot of time during the installation of a junction box, not to mention the corrosion issues that can occur with metallic screws.


Loaded with Features that Save Time

The result is the new Scepter JBox.  Designed for indoor and outdoor use and to perform in the most demanding environments, the Scepter JBox is loaded with features that will save contractors time (-and money) during the installation process.

Utilizing dual injection molding technology, the Scepter JBox features a fully integrated molded gasket. No more wasted time spent positioning a loose gasket into a cover or replacing a lost one on the jobsite.  The gasket was specifically formulated to be resistant to oils (NEMA 12 & 13). The cover/box design ensures a dependable seal while protecting the gasket from physical damage and external environmental forces and for submersion (NEMA 6P*).

The patented fastener system is fully integrated into the design of the box, 100% non-metallic and manufactured from a high-strength engineered polymer.   The quarter-turn fasteners are hand-close and tool-assist to open making this junction box quick and easy to install even during the most challenging installation tasks like working overhead or in tight corners.

The embossed gridlines provide an easy reference point for the positioning of conduit connections. No more measuring required. By using the gridlines as a reference, contractors can ensure all of their conduit runs are parallel and perpendicular. And by staying inside the “drill zone”, sufficient clearance on the inside of the box is guaranteed for a lock-nut or hub.

Molded mounting feet are positioned at all four corners of the box eliminating more loose parts that required assembling.  This location places the mounting feet out of the way of conduit connections and flush with the back of the box for close surface mounting.  The integrated design offers improved strength and the corner position make them easily accessible to power tools.

Until now, all junction box covers have been molded with support ribs on the inside of the cover. The new cover design has eliminated those cross ribs offering a completely open and flat cover. Both the outsideface and inside surface are clear and accessible for devices to be easily mounted.

A first for PVC junction boxes, the Scepter JBox features self-tapping, molded standoffs in the base of the box for the mounting of back panels and DIN rails. Available on sizes 8″ and larger, the standoffs are strategically placed to center mount DIN rails or install Back Panels.

A Hinged Cover version is also available in sizes 8” to 16” and features a removable hinged cover that opens more than 200° for easy access and installation of control devices. NEMA 3R and 4X rated, the Hinged Cover Scepter JBox is ideally suited for indoor and outdoor industrial, MRO and OEM applications and in wash-down environments.

As an add-on accessory, the Pole Mount Kit makes installing the junction box onto utility power poles quick and easy.  The kit works with wooden, concrete, steel and fibreglass poles of round, square and octagonal shape up to 15″ in diameter.  Contractors who have used the pole mount kit say that it is so easy to use they are able to attach a box to a pole in less than 10 minutes from opening to installed.

Scepter JBoxes are available in sizes 4” to 16” and ideal for use wherever PVC conduit and fittings are employed.  They are well suited for a wide range of applications such as corrosive environments, agricultural, wash down, water and waste-water treatment facilities, marine and car washes.

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* NEMA 6P rating is only available on Standard Cover Scepter JBoxes sizes 4” to 12”.

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