The Princeton Tec EOS-360 Multiuse Hardhat Light

Designed with both job performance and lineman safety in mind, the EOS 360 is a hardhat mounted headlamp that offers be-seen lighting in addition to traditional task lighting. Linemen will be highly visible thanks to a durable, rubberized band fitted with LEDs and reflective strips that encircle their hardhat. Mounted on the front of the LED band is the top selling EOS Headlamp for focused hands-free illumination.

Based on safety and being seen in all light conditions as well as in fog or mist. “What many don’t realize that on a foggy day there is rarely any light to reflect off a reflective vest putting the worker in danger as he is not seen by say a machine operator or on a worksite” says John Luchka VP of Industrial Sales. Having the reflective band coupled with a solid on LED strap on the head band which can also strobe aids in the visibility of the worker.

The EOS is a 165 Lumen, 3 mode headlamp (High, Low, Safety Strobe) as this allows the worker to illuminate his work area in addition to being seen in all directions with the band. The band and the headlamp can work together or independently of each other. We’ve deployed a few samples to key utility accounts, and DOT’s and if it saves one life it did its job is what we are hearing a lot. One utility has a yard with over 100 trucks that depart from and many of the guys are walking to and from their vehicles in all hours of the day and night, and many have worked 8-24 hours straight and having this LED Band on helps them be seen by other drivers who may also be fatigued. It takes one worker to get clipped to bring an entire operation to a halt to review safety procedures to keep workers safe in all conditions. It also helps workers be safe from distracted drivers as texting and driving has injured and killed many roadside workers.

Available from Grainger, MSC, WESCO, Irby and Fastenal

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