Strauss Heartdrops™

Strauss HeartDropsStrauss Naturals™ and its traditional products are the result of eight generations of practice in development, production, and application of herbal remedies. Most of the Strauss products have been in use for centuries, having been passed down through generations in the Strauss family of herbalists.

The chain was almost broken when Jim Strauss’s herbal practice – under his grandmother (the town herbalist) – was interrupted by World War II. During that time he lost most of his friends, schoolmates, and fellow citizens to the Mukachevo (Munkács) Ghetto and eventually found himself starving in a Russian work camp.  Jim later escaped from Russia occupied Hungary with his family, across mine-fields and over electric fences, while avoiding machine gun fire and perimeter tanks. What he did not escape was the PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) that commonly affects veterans like him.*

Due to the cardiovascular damage this disorder causes, it is no wonder that he suffered a serious heart attack at age 57. He couldn’t walk, or sleep lying down and was told he would die without surgery and pharmaceutical drugs. Thankfully, he remembered an alternative. His son (Co-founder and present Master Herbalist of Strauss Naturals), Peter Strauss, was only 15 years old at the time, but his father asked him to obtain and process a collection of herbs until he himself was satisfied with the taste.  This formulation, now known as Strauss Heartdrops®, diminished his chest pain within 2 weeks. Now he could sleep lying down. A week later he was taking short walks, and in less than a year his former health was fully restored. This experience and his recovery convinced the family that they had to return to their family tradition. Since then, Strauss has been helping people to regain their health for decades.

The 8th generation family formula follows an ancient yet revolutionary method of aging garlic, making it the world’s first known source of aged garlic with stabilized allicin (both aged garlic and allicin have profound heart health benefits). Strauss Naturals™ also developed the world’s first test method for analysing European Mistletoe compounds and makes the only heart formula to contain it. Strauss Heartdrops® is the subject of over 1000 testimonials, 3 scientific validations, and is now in multiple studies worldwide.

Strauss Heartdrops® is approved in the US to help support a healthy cardiovascular system and is licensed in Canada to maintain cardiovascular health and reduce elevated blood lipid levels like cholesterol. Strauss Naturals™ is a GMP certified, NNHPD licensed, and a USFDA inspected manufacturer.

To place an order for your bottle of Strauss Heartdrops® or request further information, contact Performance Medical Plus Inc at our toll free number 1-877-271-1312.

*Doctors now know that PTSD among war vets doubles their chances of suffering from heart disease. It is suspected that the elevated stress hormones damage the blood vessels and arteries over time. Veterans get caught in a state of hyper arousal/hypervigilance where they not only relive their past traumas, but also find themselves preparing for new ones. These stress hormones make the heart beat faster, raise blood pressure and blood sugar levels in response to a perceived threat. We all know this is helpful for actual emergencies but for prolonged periods it wears out the arteries and heart muscle.

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