Rugged Industrial Announcement System Plays Loud Programmed Messages

AN450 Announcer™ Series
AN450 Announcer™ Series

The New AN450 Announcer™ is a powerful and rugged industrial announcement system for playing pre-recorded voice and audio messages. The AN450 can play back up to 8 minutes of high output (up to 115dB!) audio. The internally-stored audio can be divided into 8 separate messages, selectable via input logic to the system. An internal potentiometer allows the user to adjust the sound output level. This large (5.5” round) programmable speaker is perfect for situations in which high levels of ambient noise are present. Its durable, waterproof housing allows it to operate in all environments, from building exteriors to car washes.  It can be mounted via a stainless steel bracket (included) to allow a customizable mounting angle, but can also be panel-mounted or direct-mounted to a standard handy box via our special molded rear cover.

For more information and full technical specs, visit or call 888-FLOYD-BELL.

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