Precast Duct Bank Systems

Cretex Duct_Render_A3The Cretex Concrete Products Value:

The Precast Duct Bank product offers a quality precast solution to timely electrical infrastructure construction. Cretex Concrete Products Duct Banks feature a self-locking gasket joint which requires no solvent cement and allows for a watertight joint without the logistical challenges of glue set-up times. Our self-consolidating mix designs give the Precast Duct Bank excellent thermal properties to allow for maximum heat dissipation to prevent de-rating of cable ampacity. At Cretex Concrete Products we take pride in our ability to provide our customers with the best products, service, and support in our industry. For more information and pricing, please contact your local specialty products sales representative.

Cast-In-Place Duct Banks:

  • May require form work
  • Slowed by concrete set times
  • Prolonged backfilling
  • Costs valuable time

Precast Duct Banks:

  • Our processes allow for nearly any arrangement of 4” & 6” conduit
  • 116” lay length accommodates your space and lifting capacity
  • Patented shear key protects against differential settlement
  • Conduit & joint are NEMA TC-2 and UL-651 compliant
  • Backfill same day
  • Reduced OSHA exposure due to immediate backfilling

Effective October 1, 2015, Cretex Concrete Products, Inc. became part of the Forterra Building Products family of companies. Forterra Building Products is a leading manufacturer of a diversified range of concrete and clay building products in the United States, Eastern Canada and the United Kingdom including Pipe & Precast, Pressure Pipe, Structural Precast, Brick and Roof Tile.  The company employs approximately 5,700 people and operates 124 strategically located manufacturing facilities.  Forterra is built on a legacy of high quality products and engineering expertise and is proud to help build the communities in which our employees live and work.

Forterra logoForterra Pipe & Precast

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