MSA’s Arc Flash Full Body Harnesses for Safety at Heights

Are your workers protected from an Arc Flash Hazard?

Global safety equipment manufacturer MSA Safety Incorporated (NYSE: MSA) offers two new Arc Flash Harnesses in its portfolio of world-renowned fall protection safety equipment. The MSA EVOTECH® and Workman® Arc Flash Harnesses keep workers safe around electrical hazards at heights, such as on bucket trucks, scissor lifts or other elevated areas. Both are designed to self-extinguish quickly to prevent melting or dripping in the event of an arc flash.

The premium EVOTECH provides workers with excellent arc flash protection in a sleek design combined with lightweight technology, while also providing comfort that can last for long duration work hours. The harness is designed to self-extinguish quickly to prevent melting or dripping in the event of an arc flash. It will perform as intended according to ASTM F887 and prevent the “burnt” worker from falling out of the harness.

The MSA Workman Arc Flash Harness maintains its integrity in the event of an arc flash occurring and the worker falling. Its lightweight, yet high-strength design provides comfort and protection. The Workman Arc Flash Harness is a cost effective option for safety managers and contractors who need to be compliant to the latest electrical requirements without breaking the budget.

Both Arc Flash (AF)-designated full body harnesses are OSHA 1910.269 & 1926 Subpart V compliant. AF-designated products have been tested to applicable standards to maintain the required level of strength and performance with the ability to resist heat. AF-rated designation for personal protective equipment (PPE) requires that products resist high heat and maintain necessary structural integrity. MSA’s AF-rated products are marked with an arc flash symbol for quick identification.

In addition to full body harnesses, MSA also provides AF-rated eye/face protection products such as faceshields, safety spectacles and goggles which are subject to ASTM F2178-2008 testing methods involving generation of heat flux values from 84 to 25 120 kW/m2 [2 to 600 cal/cm2 s].

When safety is on the line, turn to MSA – The Safety Company. The MSA EVOTECH and Workman Arc Flash Harnesses are designed to help protect electrical workers who are working at heights. For more information or to schedule a free safety evaluation, call 800-672-2222 or visit

See the new “Arch Flash Hazards” whitepaper at

MSA Safety
About MSA
Established in 1914, MSA Safety Incorporated is the global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of safety products that protect people and facility infrastructures. Many MSA products integrate a combination of electronics, mechanical systems and advanced materials to protect users against hazardous or life-threatening situations. The company’s comprehensive line of products is used by workers around the world in a broad range of markets, including the oil, gas and petrochemical industry, the fire service, the construction industry, mining and the military. The company’s core products include self-contained breathing apparatus, fixed gas and flame detection systems, portable gas detection instruments, industrial head protection, fire and rescue helmets, and fall protection devices. The company is headquartered north of Pittsburgh in Cranberry Township, Pa., and has manufacturing operations in the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America. For more information, visit MSA’s website at

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