Klein Tools Introduces the Tradesman Pro™ Tool Master Rolling Tool Bag

Klein Tools, for professionals since 1857, introduces the Tradesman Pro™ Tool Master Rolling Tool Bag (Cat. No. 55473RTB) and the Tradesman Pro™ 48-Quart Tough Box Cooler (Cat. No. 55650). The 55473RTB enables professionals to easily transport tools and materials through harsh jobsite conditions with rugged 8-inch wheels. The 55650 is perfect for use on or off the jobsite with the ability to keep items cool for up to 30 hours. Both products augment Klein’s existing line of Tradesman Pro™ Organizers to provide maximum storage capacity.

“Tradespeople transport a wide variety of tools, materials, equipment and other items when traveling to and from the jobsite,” says Linda Rolfe, senior product manager at Klein Tools. “Klein Tools’ new Tradesman Pro™ Organizers offer greater carrying capacity. For instance, the Tool Master Rolling Tool Bag features rugged 8-inch wheels to easily haul supplies through tough terrain with a hard top designed for stacking extra materials. The Tough Box 48-Quart Cooler amps up Klein’s original 17-quart model, keeping items cool for up to 30 hours and fitting up to 72 cans or 40 bottles. This extension to the Tradesman Pro™ product line provides professionals with new storage solutions for use on and off the job.”

Klein Tools, www.kleintools.com