It’s On The Spec… But What Is It?

Sigrist Exit Seal from Alta ProductsWe are referring to the Sigrist (“See-Grist”) Pipe Chase Housing and Curb with Sigrist Exit Seals® which is rapidly gaining widespread adoption by well-respected architects, building envelope engineers and specifiers because it solves a handful of roof penetration problems better than any other product in the world.

Alta ProductsThe leaky doghouse or pitch pan problem was solved by Pete Sigrist, a 2nd generation HVAC professional, that devised this two box (Housing and Curb) with injection molded pipe seals. The Sigrist Pipe Chase Housing and Curb with Sigrist Exit Seals allow up to 16 roof penetrations to pass through one weather-tight pathway. The starting point for Pete figuring this all out was when he realized that if he kept doing what he’d always done he’d have to keep dealing with all the leaking roof call backs as well as the costly repairs that go with it.

The “magic” to Pete’s design and installation is simple and straight forward… build a curb, flash it all the way to the top curb then attach the matching housing, which is slightly larger than the curb that forms an overlapped weather-tight joint between the curb and housing. The lid, which is also fully sealed by a gasket, is removable to allow for easy installation of Sigrist Exit Seals® and line sets. There are other features we include, like a full interior thermal break on both housing and curb, and 16-locator/starter dimples machine stamped into the two faces of the housing. This takes the guesswork out of where to correctly install the seals left to right and front to back – no pipe shoulders will bump into each other directly.

Alta ProductsHow effective is this system? There are over 1,000 Pipe Chase Housings and Curbs installed throughout America and about 20,000 Sigrist Exit Seals® used with our boxes without a single failure or claim. Our customers include government facilities, school districts, national chain stores, multifamily residents and, one of the most critical of applications – Data Centers, where even the slightest leak can lead to disastrous problems.

The feedback we hear over and over again is typically about how easy they are to install, and that the boxes and Exit Seals don’t leak even with the 16-line max out of our Medium size box. They appreciate the fact they can keep their caulk off the roof with all of our products – no sealants needed.

Built in America – For those of us that feel strongly about keeping jobs in America, all of our products are built right here at home. Always have been and always will be.

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