iTOOLco To Showcase Four Innovative New Products At The National Electrical Contractors Association Show

KNOXVILLE, TN. (September 14, 2015) – iTOOLco, a leading developer of products that increase safety, save time, lower worker effort, and improve results for hard-working contractors and the tradespeople they employ, is pleased to announce the release of four groundbreaking products – the Real Big Jack™, the Freedom Cart™, Lock-in-Place™ (L.I.P.) Conduit Sheaves, and Window Crimps™ with Sure Grip. iTOOLco will feature the new products at the National Electrical Contractors Association Show in San Francisco, CA., October 3-6, 2015.

The new products were engineered for contractors and electricians to leverage the tremendous success of the company’s innovative wire pullers, the Cannon 10K and the Cannon 6K. “Every product iTOOLco manufactures creates efficiency and improves safety on the job site,” said David Jordan, President of iTOOLco. “Each of these new tools brings unique and unparalleled benefits to the electricians who use them. We look forward to featuring these products at NECA.”

Real Big Jacks™

Moving large heavy spools into place, safely and quickly, has never been easier. Lighter loads can be moved on paved surfaces on their wheels. Heavier loads are moved, and transporting is done, by removing the quick-disconnect wheels and using a fork lift. With properly sized tow motors, lifting can be done from any of the four sides even with a huge spool mounted. Reels spin so freely on the great bearings and rollers that there is rarely a need for a wire feeder. Real Big Jacks™ can accommodate spools up to 84” high and 54” wide and up to 20,000 lbs. Patent pending.

Freedom Cart™

Keeping materials organized on the job is always a challenge. Solving this common need, iTOOLco’s Freedom Cart™ – two years in design and testing – keeps valuable wire and materials organized, visible, free of damage, ready for use, and makes for easy transporting anywhere. Constructed of top grade steel, wheels, and powder coating, the Freedom Cart is built for years of flawless service. The six shelves fold up or stay down, and adjust up and down for spacing in countless configurations. In addition, there are 18 spool axles and a lower pipe rack. Perfect for roughing-in or for any phase of the job, from start to finish. The shelves hold up to 36 wire packs or data boxes. The axles carry up to 36/each of 500’ wire spools, or 18/each of 2500’ wires spools, and a load of pipe, strut, and threaded rod. Patent pending.

L.I.P.™ (Lock-in-Place) Conduit Sheaves

L.I.P.™ Conduit Sheaves represent the first real improvement in conduit sheaves since their inception. The L.I.P.™ feature makes it possible to lock these sheaves in place at any angle or inclination. The phenolic resin wheel is more durable than cast and won’t dent or break. Unlike conventional sheaves, L.I.P.™ Conduit Sheaves enable the installer to stay clear of the equipment, keeping hands and limbs safely out of the way. Needle bearing rollers ensure a smooth installation by minimizing drag on the pull and reducing the risk of damaging valuable wire. With a fully adjustable thread depth, these sheaves provide unlimited flexibility on the job and significantly simplify the process of feeding wire. Ranging in sizes from 2” to 4”, the sheaves can be purchased individually or as a complete set of five. 5” and 6” also available in non-locking. Patent pending.

Window Crimps™ with Sure Grip

Before Window Crimps™ with Sure Grip, installing traditional pulling heads was guesswork with the installer hoping for a strong connection. Installation is now foolproof with Window Crimps™ with Sure Grip. These single use pulling crimps feature a “window” that allows positive visual inspection of the wire insertion before and after the crimping. The installer is assured of always knowing the crimp head is secure and ready for a safe pull. The innovative internal threads and longer bodies offer more surface area for a stronger crimp. The crimps can be installed by any 12 ton crimper. They work best with the iTOOLco’s WCT1000 Dieless Cordless Crimper. When using the iTOOLco crimper, no nib change or die search is required for any of the eighteen body sizes, from 8 AWG all the way through 1000 MCM. The company is so confident in Window Crimps™ with Sure Grip that they are guaranteed when installed by an iTOOLco certified installer. Patent pending.

iTool Co

About iTOOLco

Invented by Electricians for Electricians. For many years, iTOOLco, formerly Innovative Tool, has been improving the work lives of professional electrical tradesmen through our innovative products. Our primary focus is developing products that increase safety, save time, lower worker effort, and improve results for hard-working contractors and the tradespeople they employ. iTOOLco’s ingenious tooling delivers “measurable advantages” and brings innovation to your job site. Visit for more information.

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