Intermatic Introduces 2014 NEC Compliant Extra Duty Weatherproof Covers

WP5000 Series Offers Expanded Selection of Colors and Applications

SPRING GROVE, ILL – Intermatic, the leader in energy management solutions, today announced the launch of WP5000, a new seven-product series of 2014 NEC compliant in-use plastic weatherproof covers, with improved durability and new sizes, available in ten assorted colors.

Improved Durability
Made of heavy duty polycarbonate plastic for greater durability, the WP5000 series meets the new 2014 NEC requirements for covers at 15 and 20-ampere, 125 and 250 volt receptacles installed at wet locations and extra duty applications (NEC 406.9 (B) (1).

“This comprehensive line-up has a sleek look, provides great durability, is easy to install and meets the latest Extra Duty NEC requirements,” says Senior Marketing Manager Brady Tauber.

New Colors
Intermatic has expanded the color palette to include eight different colors for both residential and commercial applications. This gives contractors and customers a variety of options for distinctive decorative touches or just making it easier to blend the weatherproof cover into the building exterior.

Additionally, Intermatic created two safety yellow and orange SKUs to take advantage of the greater safety awareness that bright colors can provide in many settings such as playgrounds, schools, municipal settings and outdoor venues.

Series Includes Expanded Applications
The WP5000 line has expanded to include a 30/50 ampere service double gang in-use weatherproof cover (4.75’depth), which accommodates much larger straight cord sets (6 Gauge). This weatherproof cover size is appropriate for applications such as RV, engine block heating, agricultural and marine applications. “Intermatic is proud to be a source for this application, which can be hard to find,” Tauber notes.

Intermatic is manufacturing seven SKU sizes based on current top selling weatherproof covers SKUs:
WP5000C Single Gang 2.25 Vertical/Horizontal Mount
WP5100C Single Gang 2.75 Vertical/Horizontal Mount
WP5110C Single Gang 3.625 V/H Vertical/Horizontal Mount
WP5220C Double Gang 2.25 Vertical Mount
WP5225C Double Gang 2.75 Vertical Mount
WP5240C Double Gang 3.625 Vertical Mount
WP5500C Double Gang 30/50 AMP (4.75’) Vertical Mount

“We believe this new line offers great value to our customers,” Tauber concludes. “The long product life and expanded choices provide 2014 NEC code-compliant in use weatherproof covers suitable for today’s tough requirements.”

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About Intermatic
Intermatic has delivered quality products and service to its customers for over 100 years. As a leading manufacturer of energy-management solutions for electrical, HVACR, pool/spa, and OEM markets, Intermatic products cover a wide range of solutions for facility management, municipalities, manufacturing and construction.

Intermatic Inc.
7777 Winn Rd
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