Hydraulic Utility Pole Puller

Tiiger Utility Pole PullerThe base plate is designed to provide for the lowest possible center of gravity, swivel and hook assembly allow for pre-tensioning of the chain and a reduction of stress on the chain. A Back Plate prevents chain roll-up resulting in the maximum lift per stroke. And now with Tiiger’s clamshell attachment you can pull metal poles.

With our clamshell attachment you can use the same versatile, Model 4001D wood poll puller to pull metal poles. Or we can provide you with a complete new system to fit your needs. The steel clamshells are produced with high yield steel and coated with a proprietary coating, which secures the attachment to the metal pole. Made in the U.S.A. Made to last.

  • Helps prevent personal injury associated with using a boom truck
  • Reduces boom damage and maintenance cost resulting from pulling poles
  • Dramatically increases productivity and cuts time
  • Lifting capacity @ 50,120 Pounds
  • Swivel fabricated with high yield strength steel in excess of 100,000 psi
  • Hook assembly manufactured with all stainless steel components
  • Base plate has the lowest possible center of gravity, minimizing tipping
  • Low point of attachment lets you cut the pole closer to the Ground
  • Used by major utilities in the USA, Canada, Mexico and Australia.

Tiiger Products can be designed to fit your specific applications.

Tiiger Utility Pole Puller Tiiger Utility Pole Puller

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