H.D. Steel Frame Series Traveler

Bethea BTTV52-UL SeriesThe ulitimate in rugged dependability will be the end result of your using the Bethea full steel fram series traveler.  Unsurpassed quality in engineering, material and craftmanship make this the most reliable and cost effective traveler you can own.

The durability and the ability to withstand heavy shock loads is due to the use of the A-36 structural steel used for load supporting members.  Precision ground deep-groove Conrad type shielded ball bearings increase the efficiency of each traveler, and simplify the sagging operation.  Urethane of the highest grade and the proper hardness is used for lining the cast A356 T-6 heat treated aluminum alloy conductor sheaves.  Pulling line sheaves are lined with a high strength wear resistant urethane which under normal condition outlasts most steel and iron linings.

Safe rapid attachment to supporting hardware is accomplished with captive ball detent pins, or safety pins, which are secured to the traveler with welded closed link chain.

All ferrous components are protected from corrosion, depending on application by Hot Dip Galvanizing, Electro Cadmium Plating or rust inhibiting enamel.

The following types of attachments are available:

  • Head bar
  • Traveler grounding rollers
  • Spring-loaded rope guards
  • Helicopter attachments
  • Factory lubricated with Bethea synthetic grease for extended bearing life and wide range of temperatures

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