Dutchclamp – Superior Cable Clamps For Safe And Quality Installations

Dutchclamp Cable ClampDutchclamp manufactures fiberglass reinforced polyamide cable clamps for low, medium and high voltage cables, ranging in diameter from 1/2″ to 6.7″ (12 to 170 mm). The range of models available for each type of cable clamp and cleat ensures a perfect fit to achieve the required short-circuit-proof mounting of the cables.

Top Quality
All the Dutchclamp cable clamps are manufactured in the Netherlands using state-of-the-art materials, with polyamide (PA) as the main constituent element and 30% fiberglass reinforcement. The unique design, in combination with the specific composition of the raw materials, makes these cleats among the strongest in the world. Our top quality clamps are used in more than 20 countries throughout the world.

Mounting Options
Suitable for single- and multi-conductor cables mounted individually, and for single- and multi-conductor cables mounted in a triangular (trefoil) configuration.
The Triple and IM types are stackable.
Cable blocks can be supplied in different configurations, depending on your specific needs.

Optional Items

  • Hardware: all the clamps can be delivered with the necessary mounting hardware (nuts, bolts and washers), in galvanized or stainless steel.
  • Elastic inlay: An elastic inlay can be supplied to provide additional protection to the cable outer jacket. The use of elastic inlays allows to apply higher torques when securing the cables, as well as absorb variations in the cable outer diameter due to temperature changes.
  • Pre-mounting: clamps and blocks can be delivered pre-mounted upon request.

Dutchclamp Cable ClampAPPLICATIONS
Dutchclamp cable clamps and blocks can be used in a variety of applications for securing low, medium and high voltage power cables.

  • Underground transmission lines: joint bays, transitions to overhead lines
  • Hydroelectric generating stations: shafts, tunnels, power houses
  • Substations
  • Conventional Generation: diesel units, gas turbines, steam turbines
  • Renewable Energy Generation: wind turbines, solar parks, biomass, biogas
  • Industrial plants: chemical, refineries, steel, automotive, metal processing, general manufacturing
  • Locomotive units

Our customers include:

  • Cable manufacturers
  • Electrical equipment OEMs
  • Utilities: generation, transmission, distribution
  • Electric supply distributors
  • Contractors and installation companies

Since 1982, Slagboom Electric BV has been manufacturing and exporting to over 20 countries its signature product, Dutchclamp®. In 2013 Slagboom Electric changed its name to Dutchclamp BV. With a state-of-the-art facility based in Dordrecht, Netherlands, Dutchclamp BV is an established manufacturer offering a superior product at competitive prices.

Dutchclamp North America stocks and distributes Dutchclamp® cable clamps, blocks, mounting hardware and elastic inlay, supplying primarily the United States and Canada. We stock the most frequently ordered models, offering next day service whenever possible.
For more information please contact us:

DutchclampDutchclamp North America
16 Industrial Parkway South, Suite 313
Aurora, ON L4G 0R4
Toll free: 1-888-601-2268

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