TSE DPT40EThe frustrations are gone – no more worries about hydraulic leaks and machine downtime, unnecessary air pollution and hazardous noise concerns of a standard diesel engine Puller/Tensioner. The newly designed Green Machine is powered through a modern, quiet, regenerative electric motor that directly drives the machine, eliminating the ineffi ciencies and added operational costs of a diesel engine and hydraulic system. It provides long lasting power to complete even the toughest, most demanding jobs. This ground breaking technology uses clean, regenerative energy and reduces unwanted, hazardous noise pollution to the point where an operator and linemen can talk to each other at normal volume without radios while the machine is running.

Durability & High Performance

Capable of 4,000 lbs of continuous linepull with 6000 ft of 5/8” diameter synthetic rope on the pulling reel, the Green Machine is a multi-purpose Puller/Tensioner set on a 14,000 lbs tandem axle with spring suspension for optimum trailer stability. With infi nitely variable speed, pull and tension controls, and extra large reel capacity, the Green Machine can handle the most demanding distribution stringing projects with best in class performance and controllability.

Advanced Control & Operator Safety

A centrally located operator’s console with a protective screen for clear visibility of the complete pulling operation and the integration of an advanced PLC Graphic Color Display for accurate operation readings and operator adjustable pull/tension control make the Green Machine the easiest and safest machine to operate.

The operator display features:

  • Line Speed
  • Line Pull
  • Amps In/Out
  • Pull In/Payout
  • State of Charge
  • Add Slack Feature



The Green Machine easily installs overhead distribution conductors in conjunction with the Polemaster
Pilot Rope System with improved operator controllability and dependable, long lasting power.


  • Recharges batteries when tensioning
  • E-Z rider operator seat
  • Overhead levelwind with speed/length indicator
  • Operator’s protective screen
  • Elevated operator’s position for full view of pulling operation
  • Drive freewheeling disconnect for payout of pulling rope
  • 110 or 220 volt charging system
  • Quick change reel shaft removal
  • Unit sandblasted, primed and painted with two coats of acrylic enamel


  • Direction control lever with infi nite speed adjustment and thumb button lock
  • Adjustable pull/tension control with limit if preset tension is reached
  • Holding brake apply/release control
  • Levelwind directional control
  • Permanently engraved operator’s control panel
  • Noise level: 85 dBa
  • Direct readout of pulling tension
  • Direct readout of pulling distance
  • HMI – color operator screen with graphical indicators

Along with the Green Machine, Timberland Group offers several optional equipment choices for integration with the DPT series, providing the necessary  tools to complete any operation and application.

  • Over-spin payout brake with 16″ non-rust, ventilated, bronze disc and manual caliper for controlled payout of pulling rope.
  • Model 4440 heavy-duty steel pulling reel, with rolled fl ange edges for rope protection.
  • Hydraulic combination overhead/underground levelwind with guide rollers and sheaves.
  • High-speed Polemaster Pilot Rope drive with infi nite line pull and speed control from 0 to 550 fpm. Operated from operator’s console.
  • Rear stabilizer jacks with manual crank adjustment and quick release inner drop-leg.
  • Model BR6030 Breakaway pulling reel for reconductoring.

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