Cut More Strut for Less Coin

Edwards Strut ProThe Edwards Strut Pro (ESP) is an innovative portable hydraulic tool designed to cut strut products cleanly and efficiently, with no waste, no mess, and no de-burring. It is ideal for cutting Unistrut®, PowerStrut®, B-Line®, Superstrut®, Kindorf®, Globe Strut®and Erico® strut products. Cutting dies are available for most commercial strut profiles, and the ESP can also accept custom dies to meet your special application.  The Edwards Strut Pro can be powered by your 10,000 psi power unit or purchase our Power Kit which includes a dependable SPX 10,000 psi power unit and 6’ hose.  Our kit is designed for portability, durability and ease of use.  The Edwards Strut Pro is proudly made in the USA.

For cutting strut, the edwards strut pro snaps your strut to size in seconds with no waste, no mess, and no de-burring.  Cutting dies are available for most commercial strut profiles.  The esp can also accept custom dies to meet your special application.  Check out for time and money saving demos.


  • 3-second cycle with 10,000 psi electric hydraulic power supply (not included)


  • No burr, abrasive waste, metal shavings, coolant, or lubricant residue


  • Unit weight: 49 lbs. – Guides: 13.5 lbs.


  • No waste, no post-cut processing, thousands of cuts from a single set of blades

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