BRENCO Power Line Tools

Brenco’s 4 Drum Puller is ideal for a wide range of distribution stringing applications. The four drum pullers are equipped with 8000’ of ½ “rope each. The puller is powered by a 36 HP water cooled diesel providing 2000 lb. of pulling power. All the controls are conveniently located in the operator’s station. Equipped with: automatic level wind, a parking position, front and rear jacks, and removable lunette hitch. Our 4 Drum Pullers are available for rent or sale.

The Eagle Line Tools stringing system provides an easy efficient way to install pilot lines for overhead distribution. The controller can be mounted on either wood or non-wood poles with a lag screw, or an adjustable chain tightener. The braking system allows for continued tension on the pilot line during installation. The reels are available with 3,000’ or 6,000’ of 5/16” poly plus 12 stranded pilot line. The reels are rated for 500 lbs of line pull and the rope has a minimum breaking strength of 3,600 lbs. Items and parts are interchangeable with another major brand.

Brenco’s 4 Drum Puller

Brenco’s 4 Drum Puller

The Eagle Line Tools stringing system

The Eagle Line Tools stringing system

Brenco ToolsBrenco, Inc.
P.O. Box 487, Ross, OH 45061

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